STEM Together Takes Off

With £4000.00 of Funding from Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary

Science Technology Engineering Maths

Left to right - Jon Rea Chair Blidworth Community Association - Raj Chandran President Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary - Some of the young engineers from Joseph Whitaker School - Phil Worsley Young Engineers CoordinatorAn exciting project to put rocket and robot engineering skills into children and young people’s hands is set to lift off in the Blidworth, Ravenshead and Rainworth area this summer.

Led by the Young Engineers team at Joseph Whitaker School and funded by the Rotary Club, STEM Together will engage up to 200 school children, young people and community group members in learning how to build and operate rocket cars and mini-robots.

STEM Together is an inter-generational project involving primary schools along with local Brownie, Cub and Scout packs, older people’s groups and organisations supporting more vulnerable members of the community.

The project was first conceived by the Blidworth Community Association which hopes that it will benefit schools by encouraging more children to take an interest in STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths - and build understanding and support for STEM in the wider community.

A smaller project in 2014 saw 50 local children work with the Young Engineers of Joseph Whitaker School to build miniature robots or mini-bots and compete at the Blidworth 2104 Summer Fayre.

The Young Engineers at Joseph Whitaker School is an award winning team of GCSE and A Level students who work together in and out of the curriculum to pursue excellence in student engineering. It is the leading group of its kind in the country having won Young Engineers Club of the Year in 2013, and holds the world land speed record for a rocket powered model car – an astonishing 533 miles per hour - set last year during test at Rolls Royce in Hucknall.

The group has developed two platforms for STEM learning: a Rocket Car challenge and a Mini-Bot challenge. Over the course of the summer term project participants will build and test their rocket cars and mini bots then compete in a grand finale STEM Together Celebration Day at Joseph Whitaker School on Saturday 11th July.

Rotary Club funding has enabled the purchase of the rocket car and min-bot kits, plus toolkits and competition testing and timing equipment.

The rocket car learning programme requires participants to perform a series of tests investigating the effects of friction, weight and aerodynamics on the vehicle. Students are also taught about health and safety with explosives and how to use basic tools such as spanners and pliers.

The Mini Bot challenge meanwhile requires the participants to build a small remote controlled robot, consisting of a battery pack, switch, two servomotors and a receiver. The project teaches basic electronic circuits, radio frequencies, how to use tools such as glue guns safely, and about how the properties of different sized wheels relate to their function.

Jon Rea, Chair of Blidworth Community Association said “STEM Together will help develop the next generation of Young Engineers and give the community a chance to get involved in science and technology learning. We want to create opportunities through STEM to help address the skills gap, improve educational attainment and support the employability of local people. Using rocket cars and mini-robots is a great way for people of all ages to engage, have fun and learn STEM skills together.”

Richard Lord of the Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary Club said, “We are very pleased that our club has been able to make a significant financial contribution to this project. I am looking forward to participating in some of the workshops and the finale at Joseph Whitaker School in July”

For more details about STEM Together contact Jon Rea at blidworthca@gmail.com


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New members

It was smiles all around at the induction of two new members. David and Sam joined the club in October and are from Blidworth.
David and Sam Join the club

Aquabox support

Mike Tomlinson (left), President Mike Lee (right)On 15th November, President Mike spent the morning working in the Aquabox warehouse, helping to prepare Aquabox Community and Aquabox Gold units. Aquabox is a Wirksworth based Rotary run charity that sends water filtration units to disaster areas. Find out more about Aquabox at www.aquabox.org

Whilst there, President Mike was able to present Mike Tomlinson from Aquabox with two cheques for £314 from our Walk in the Woods event and £120 raised by a 'Heads & Tails' game at our recent Quiz Night.

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