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President Mike Cudzich-Madry presided at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Chesterfield held at the Olde House, Newbold, on Friday 21 April 2017. He welcomed members to this special St Georges Day themed meeting which enabled members to commemorate England’s patron saint.  He also welcomed regular guest Frank Clifford who was congratulated after celebrating his 91st birthday the previous day.


Information Boards


Information boards circulated included:- attendance register, club calendar, and details of the 37th Charter Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Bolsover, which is being held at the Hostess Restaurant, Sookholme, on Wednesday 26 April 2017.


RIBI National Conference


The president reported that the club had been significantly outvoted at the recent RIBI National Conference where an increase in annual RIBI membership fees had been agreed, phased in over a three year period. He confirmed that a specific motion querying the actual purpose of RIBI had not been on this year’s agenda but was likely to be put forward for discussion at the 2018 conference.


Volunteers required


Secretary John Hare reported that two charitable requests for support had been received via the club website.  Ashgate Hospicecare required volunteers to help with two street collections in Chesterfield town centre on Saturday 13 May 2017 and Thursday 5 October 2017.  Meanwhile, Cancer Research UK were asking for volunteers to help marshall the Chesterfield Race for Life Event on Sunday 11 June 2017, when competitors will be running through the town centre and finishing in the Queens Park. Any member interested in volunteering for these events should contact the secretary. Members of the Satellite Club will also be made aware.  More details:-


Olde House Refurbishment


The secretary reminded members that during the closure of the Olde House for a major refurbishment during the month of May, club meetings will be held at the Ringwood Hall Hotel on Friday 5th May, 12th May, and 18th May, as will the club council meeting on Monday 8th May.


Queen's 91st Birthday


After members enjoyed an excellent and traditional roast beef meal prepared by the Olde House, the president, in proposing the loyal toast to the Queen, highlighted that this day was also Her Majesty’s actual 91st birthday. 


Toast to England and St George


An appropriately-dressed past-president Mike Hadfield then led the club in celebrating the forthcoming St Georges Day (23rd April) by sharing a little bit of history about our patron saint.


 Little bit of history from past-president Mike Hadfield


He revealed that St George was a figure that bridges many worlds.  At the heart of the myths and legends lies the story of an Early Christian Martyr persecuted by the Roman Empire, a legendary soldier saint recognised on a global scale and adopted as patron by many countries, cities, and even towns, around the world. He is famous for slaying a dragon, although this is probably a fictitious story relating to him being triumphant over evil, which was commonly represented in the Middle Ages by a dragon. St George is popularly identified with English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry. In our multi-cultural society St George, with his own complex identity and multi-faceted history, can be seen as a strangely fitting emblem of diversity. 


President Mike Cudzich-Madry (right) with a 'resplendent'

past-president Mike Hadfield


The toast to ‘England and St George’ was formally proposed by past-president Mike Hadfield to much applause. 


Next Meeting


The meeting closed after the closing toast was proposed by past-president Roy Willett.  The after-lunch speaker at the next club meeting on Friday 28 April 2017 is Julie Wheelhouse on ‘Work of the Stroke Support Organisation’.  Speaker host is Roy Willett and duty rotarian is John Moss.