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President Mike Cudzich-Madry presided at the monthly business meeting of the Rotary Club of Chesterfield held at the Olde House, Newbold, on Friday 7 April 2017. He welcomed district governor nominee Cheryle Berry (Clay Cross), who was making an informal visit, and exchanged greetings between the two Rotary clubs.


Visiting DG Nominee Cheryle Berry, with president Mike Cudzich Madry,

bringing news of a new fund-raising opportunity


Information Boards


Information boards circulated included:- attendance register, club calendar, and news of the 37th Charter Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Bolsover, which is being held at the Hostess Restaurant, Sookholme, on Wednesday 26 April 2017.


Inner Wheel Conference


Secretary John Hare reported that he had accompanied his wife to the recently held national three-day Inner Wheel conference in Nottingham. He had particularly enjoyed one humerous speaker, writer Lydia Slack, a young hill farmer’s daughter who told her hilarious tale of growing up in the Derbyshire countryside.


RIBI National Conference


The president reported that although club delegates (president, secretary, & president nominee) would not be physically attending this weekend’s RIBI National Conference in Manchester, they would be attending ‘virtually’ by participating in on-line voting on behalf of the club. A specific motion querying the actual purpose of RIBI was not on this year’s agenda but was likely to be put forward for discussion at the 2018 conference.  It was confirmed that conference papers were usually issued just prior to the conference so it was not possible to consult members on each individual issue.  The view of the club on any budget proposals leading to membership fee increases was already known and would be taken on board by the three delegates when voting.


Vocational Service Committee


The president reported on another busy year of competitions organised by the vocational service committee – junior verse speaking, public speaking, and young chef competitions. On the latter, committee chairman Ian Gordon was looking for some support and would welcome a volunteer to come forward with a view to taking over the future organisation of this local competition which is run in conjunction with local senior schools.


Visiting circuses offer Rotary a new fund-raising opportunity


Cheryle Berry informed members of a new fund-raising possibility now open to rotarians.  The Association of Circus Proprietors of Great Britain has let it be known that as a gesture to give something back to the many local communities that are visited by member circuses each year, the local Rotary Club is being given the chance to organise a bucket collection for local charity at the end of every performance.  A Rotary club wishing to participate just needs to make contact with the member circus as soon as posters appear in the town. The member circuses are:- Circus Wonderland, Gerry Cottles Circus, John Lawsons Circus, Moscow State Circus, Russell’s International Circus, and Zippo’s Circus.



Next Meeting


A relaxed and enjoyable meeting, held on this occasion in the historic part of the Olde House, closed when the closing toast was proposed by past-president Jim Haggarty.  As there is no club meeting on Good Friday, the next club meeting is on Friday 21 April 2017, when St Georges Day will be celebrated with the toast to England and St George being proposed by Mike Hadfield, OBE. Duty rotarian is Barry Thompson.